... an exploration of mobile trends in luxury retail

  1. This seems to be a rather obscure article which doesn’t touch on the benefits of either mobile web or native applications.

    A native or mobile app should solve a problem.
    ‘Branded apps’ are usually ill concieved.
    The question that needs to be objectively asked is ‘would I use this every day’.

    You should use an native app when:
    It does something more than simply provide content.
    It uses the phones native features (accelerometer, gps, gyro, audio or telephony capabilities etc)

    Muji have a great set of apps (http://www.muji.com/app/)

    You should use mobile web when:
    You’re serving up content (which can be cached now with html 5)
    Even web apps can be cached to provide functionality which does not require access to acellerometer/gyro etc. Even GPS location is available in HTML5. jQuery Mobile, CSS3 etc all allows rich interfaces to be build mobile web apps.

    The big disadvantage of apps is making them work across multiple platforms effectively requires you to build for each platform iOS, Android, WinMo7, RIM etc all require seperate teams to build which are costly.

    Deploying a web app allows you to deploy to all platforms with one build cost.

    Internet is becoming ubiquitous, we’ve reached and inflection point between desktop and mobile internet usage allowing mobile web apps to be used effectively.

    • Thank you for your thoughts on the subject, Alistair, and thank you for taking the time to read me. I have very definite creative guidelines for the pieces I write for http://www.fashionscollective.com, but I agree with you entirely (see post – https://mobiluxe.wordpress.com/2010/10/12/crossing-the-e-commerce-chasm-and-the-wisdom-of-don-draper/ ). The article Fashion’s Collective will post next week, entitled “The Mobile Concierge” touches on many of the excellent points you present here. The sad fact is that most luxury fashion brands are just now beginning to think about mobile, so I have to go back to basics for audience, without overwhelming them. Subsequent posts will take on greater complexity, I assure you.

      Thank you again for taking the time to read and provide your insights.

      My Best,
      Scott Forshay

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